Love A Tree

Today is Earth Day. So, love the trees, the rivers, the ocean, the air and everything else under the sun.

This bag caught my attention the other day.

I bought this bag for RM2 and I’m going to use it the next time I go to JUSCO for groceries (I hope I remember). =)

What you can do with this bag:

1) Save some plastic bags.

2) Advocate recycling.

3) Get a RM2 discount every time you buy something in FILA, just remember to bring this bag along.

Play a part in conserving the environment. At least, advocate it and naturally, you will practise it.

Love a tree today!


3 Responses to “Love A Tree”

  1. Pei Chie Says:

    clap~~cheers~~support~~ 🙂

  2. youzhuan Says:

    finally there are such company such as fila that take action, that would give incentive to active customers….
    my sis in US told me that when they go for grocery, they get 0.15 discount (i m not sure if it’s for every item or overall) if they brought their shopping bag and refuse to take plastic bag…
    even without such, erm, incentive, they are very aware and very pro-active in playing a part in saving the world…

    here are some pics i found while browsing the net on earth day…

  3. chenyee Says:

    actually i am already practicing that when i go grocery shopping, but still use plastic bags for wet stuff. that way its easier to carry too especially when i take bus rides. i got those bags for free from shopping. they are surprisingly durable!

    giant has their green bag and 1 utama is promoting one too.

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