Whales should be shot with Canon, not harpoons

This is interesting. I was reading through Edwin‘s blog and I saw this effort by Greenpeace to stop whaling in Japan. I decided to join in the mission simply because I harbour hopes of seeing a live whale one day when I have the chance (and the money).

You would want to see whales for yourself too, wouldn’t you?

Here’s the plan: tell Mr. Mitarai, head of Canon Japan to express disapproval of whaling in the Southern Ocean and call for non-lethal research methods in Japan.

Please click on tell Mr. Mitarai if you still do not get what I mean. =)

You will be sending a letter to Mr. Matarai in a while! Here’s mine.

I just used the template, it’s very easy! Then, you will have to confirm your e-mail address and here’s my confirmation. My letter should now be on its way to save the whales!

Send your letter now!




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