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Fun and Perks on a Monotonous Day

May 29, 2008

My day today began with errors from a test and I practically spent the whole day at work getting lost in a maze of wires, signals, muxes and flops. Erm, in simple English, it means I had to trace the circuitry to find out what was wrong with my model. Well, the first half of the day, I was really engrossed in my work and then I got really tired. Okay, this post is not going to be wasted on the sucky parts of my day.

Let’s see, I had Nasi Babi for lunch! The char siew, siew yuk and the lap cheong are sooooo nice! Actually it’s not Nasi Babi, it’s supposed to be Nasi Ayam but the ayam there is not as nice as all the pork dishes so we just ordered pork. Haha. This Chicken Rice shop is in town, under an old, dingy hotel called Sky Hotel where the only requirement for a room is that you “Do Not Spit”.

After lunch, I was really drowsy, can pengsan there and then if I have a bed. Haha. Debbie felt the same way too so we decided to head to the cafe to get some drinks and play Hangman. Hehe. Intel already started to offer free drinks so it’s really cool, whenever you need a drink, you can just head to the cafe for free drinks. Hangman was fun, the theme today was “Brands”. She came up with Sakai for me, and I survived with a mere guess. She said Sakai is a company that manufactures tractors. Really meh? Haha. And she lost it when I gave her BMW. Haha. No vowels, making it very difficult. After a few rounds, I took the paper and started writing this “The sun is high ” and we created a longgggg sentence.

My words are in red while Debbie’s words are in blue. Here goes..

The sun is high because it is noon and it is very hot like in a sauna, so hot that I feel sleepy like as if I’m counting sheeps in a field in New Zealand where the air is so cool even with the sun high up and the weather hot like hot chocolate cap Cadbury which is the yummiest chocolate ever made its way to Malaysia, land of various cultures including mat rempit culture who are crazy bikers with not-so-sexy chicks and also sucky Prime Minister who loves to sleep and talk about meaningless issues with his ever-monotonous voice to his also-sucky government which debates in Parliament like they are school children or in more direct words, like monkeys in the jungles of Sarawak, land of hornbills and jungles where orang utans live in peace and harmony and where people live on trees and hammocks which are built so high up that you can only see them if you’re on a canopy walkway which is a damn scary hanging bridge.

And Debbie ended it there. And I don’t know why every time Pak Lah comes up in our conversation, someone will always mention his favourite pastime, sleeping. See, I’m doing it again. Haha. I think I’m just full of crap. Haha.

When I went back to my cubicle, I got a message from Zhi Ling, a.k.a. Mr Magoo. We call her Mr Magoo because she’s very funny and a bit cartoonish and somehow, she reminds us of Mr Magoo. Haha. She said “I’ve finished drawing your pot!”. This is the best gift of the day! Love this picture you drew! Love you, Mr Magoo! Hahaha. Thanks for taking 2 hours of your holidays to satisfy my whims and fancies! Hahaha.

So cute!

Looking at the picture, I commented, the girl looks crazy and all over the place like me. She said, “She’s supposed to be you!”. Haha. Ya, I’m crazy. People around remind me enough that I am crazy. Even the mere mention of me going back this weekend to help Grandma make dumplings is able to put her in stitches and “laugh till wanna die”. She can “imagine my funny face making the dumplings”. Laugh on. I made your day, I know. =p


Here In My Home

May 20, 2008

Here’s a tribute to Malaysian artists who worked on a song called “Here In My Home”.

I am loving this song at the moment! Thanks to a post on Wei Zhu’s blog, I finally got to know the title of this song though I have heard it a few times on the radio. With that “knowledge”, I’m watching the video now on Youtube. I have been watching it over and over again. Haha! Right now I’m waging a war against Debbie, with me singing “Here In My Home” and she, “Gimme More” by Britney Spears. Lame song! =p 

My favourite phrase:

Colours don’t bind, oh no, What do they know? They speak falsely.

How true, who says we can’t live together, despite our differences. Let us just accept the diversity and be proud of it! Agree? =D

Go check this song out! Spread the love to every Malaysian, far or near, those still living here and those who are overseas! We are Malaysians, and Malaysia is our home. =)


Update: Download the original song and video from here – Enjoy!

Heritage Walk around Penang – Part 1

May 18, 2008

Internship in Penang has certainly brought me to a lot of new places, new sights, new experiences, new memories. 6 months into our internship, we are just not going to stop just yet. We are still discovering Penang, wanting to know more about the place we have come to love. Or at least, I have to come to love. So naturally, me and Chun Yan came up with the idea to walk around Penang town and I named this trip, Heritage Walk around Penang. We wanted to see all the old, historical sites and interesting places around Georgetown and while at it, we realised, we could not visit all these places in one day. We have to do it again, to cover more places. Therefore, it’s Heritage Walk around Penang – Part 1. I seriously hope we will have a Part 2. =)

1st stop: a hidden sauna and durian place in Balik Pulau.

I don’t know the name of this place (maybe I didn’t notice). It’s on a hill and the scenery was quite nice up there. Just a day ago, I was telling Euwing, I want to escape to a place where my eyes won’t see the end and there I was, on a hill, looking out, searching for an end that I will not find. That’s the whole point! Yeah! We had char koay teow and laksa as our lunch. I refused to have durian go into my stomach, of course. Peck Koon and Diane went for sauna. It was a very relaxing afternoon. We just sat there, chit-chatting and took some pictures.

 Lost and sesat

Sky Hill Seafood Restaurant

Just chilling

Oh darling, would you please look at me?

They remind me that I don’t have that someone, =p

On the way to our 2nd stop, I spotted this by the roadside:

A fortune teller finding fortune out of predicting people’s fortune

2nd stop: Burmese and Thai Buddhist temples, Pulau Tikus

We went to see the statue of Reclining Buddha. The temples were huge with elaborate interiors and colourful statues and paintings. There were a lot of tourists, Malaysians and foreigners alike. Wesak Day and Kathina Day preparations were already under way. For a moment, everything calmed down inside me and I felt at peace. =)



 Colourful structures

3rd stop: Maxim’s Cakes

This 3rd stop was not meant to be but since it’s so near to the temples, we might as well go and get some Portuguese egg tarts. This was Diane’s idea because she loves Portuguese egg tarts. Hehe. However, stepping into the bakery, what caught my attention were not the egg tarts but this:

Delicious-looking ice-creams!

They look too delicious~~! Quoted from Debbie, “Sinfully delicious!” Hahaha.

4th stop: The Chocolate Boutique

The Chocolate Boutique sells chocolate (obviously) and they are the sales representative of Beryl’s Chocolate. I just got to know that Beryl’s Chocolate is a local brand. The staff were very friendly, they let us try all the different types of chocolate they sell. I bought a pack of dark chocolates. Mmm~~! Chocolate flavours available include Tiramisu, Expresso, Coffee Beans, Passion Fruit, Rock Melon, Durian, Green Tea, Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry, Sesame and a lot more. These are the few that I remember. They have imported chocolated too. You should go give this Chocolate Boutique a try!

Me at The Chocolate Boutique

5th stop: The Clan Jetties of Penang

This is interesting, they actually have the Clan Jetties in Penang. Meaning, each clan have their own jetties. Meaning, these clans, their kampung is built on water. There are Lim Jetty, Ong Jetty, Tan Jetty, Lee Jetty. These clans have been living on water for generations, they built their houses on stilts. We went to Lim Jetty. From Lim Jetty, we can see Tan Jetty, Lee Jetty, across the water. On one jetty, everyone living there will bear one surname. So if you’re on Lim Jetty and you call out “Ah Lim!”, everyone will rush out. Haha.

Look at the banner, The Clan Jetties of Penang

Houses built on stilts

6th stop: Along the jetties

We walked around the jetties and the piers on our way to Fort Cornwallis.

 Tanjong City Marina and Church Street Pier, duh, =p

7th stop: Fort Cornwallis

Wow, 7 stops altogether? That’s a lot. Haha. Unfortunately, Fort Cornwallis was already closed by the time we reached. We walked all the way from the Clan Jetties to Fort Cornwallis just to find that it was already closed. Sad.. Next time then.

Pushing the door will all my might

We did try to push the door open, but to no avail, so, it’s okay.. We will get in next time!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Eating Spree around Sungai Petani

May 18, 2008

Debbie, Soon Yen and Chun Yan came to Sungai Petani to visit Ming Kiat and me. Ming Kiat is the best person to bring you for an eating spree around Sungai Petani. He knows places, much better than me. Haha. *salute* *salute*

1st stop: Lunch at Yik Wah Restaurant, famous for its lap cheong.

Verdict: Lap cheong is very juicy, tasty and sweet, mm mm ~!

They still serve rice in a small metal bowl.

2nd stop: SP bus station for blended drinks.

Verdict: Very special. They have blended corn, blended red bean, blended peanut, blended coconut, blended juices and the ultimate see sua kah (everything blended together)! See sua kah is quite nice with a pineapple after taste. My favourite is blended peanut but then it will make you very jelak after a few sips, so, overall, blended red bean is the nicest. Hehe.

From left: blended red bean, blended peanut, blended corn, blended coconut, blended red bean.

Then, we went up to Gunung Jerai for a full 3 hours. That’s a story for another time. I haven’t got the pictures from Li Ping. Hehe.

3rd stop: Man tau with cucur udang, at Jet Sen Restaurant, Bedong.

Verdict: Very nice, I can eat maybe like four? Haha. I had two, which just wasn’t enough for me. I think it’s cucur udang inside the man tau. We aren’t really sure what it is exactly but it’s definitely nice! Too bad I don’t have the pictures.

4th stop: Steamed tua pan, sambal sotong and ikan bakar at G.Tiang Restaurant, Bedong.

Verdict: Very special. I have never eaten steamed tua pan, people normally serve fried tua pan. Sambal sotong and ikan bakar is very tasty, with a superb sauce to go along with. Yum Yum!

FYI: Tua pan is called wat tan hor in Perak. Haha. For the sake of people who don’t know that wat tan hor is called tua pan here in the northern region. =p

Soon Yen thinks the food was very worth the trip to SP. I can see that he’s very satisfied. Haha. Give some credit to Bedong too (outskirts of SP). I enjoyed myself with the food too! =)

Rainforest Appreciation Walk, Botanical Gardens

May 18, 2008

This is my second volunteer event in Intel and this time it was to bring school children around the Botanical Gardens in Penang and teach them about the nature and impart values such as appreciating the beauty of Mother Nature, keeping our surroundings clean and free of trash and protecting the environment from harm in them. We were to tell them how important it is to take care of the environment so that the Earth will be a pleasant place to live in. This was how Intel Malaysia celebrated Earth Day.

I had an active role to play as I was assigned to collect names of volunteers from Penang Design Center (PDC). Euwing was in India so I was the one who answered all the questions, all the emails, all the IMs from PDCers, liaised with the organisers and arranged all the logistics for PDC volunteers including telling them where and what time to meet for the free shuttle and distributing T-shirts. My, PDCers are a bunch of enthusiastic crowd. What a week that was, I was juggling between this, my work and something personal. I am glad I made it through, I even comtemplated whether to go for the Walk as I was really tired, physically, mentally and emotionally. I was actually assigned to be a leader of one of the groups during the Walk but I just could not do it; I rejected the “offer”. I just wanted to be a participant and not worry about anything during the Walk and just enjoy the whole event. Luckily, the organisers got another person to replace me so then I was happy to be just participating.

Each group was given a set of questions, a trash bag and a map. We were to take the route shown on our maps, stop by certain stations, answer the questions and pick up rubbish along the way. I made new friends, fellow PDCers – Heng Yin, Jonie, Wai Min and Kean Foong – and school children – Geetha, Gayathri, Maha, Kuhan, among others (I forgot their names) –  ya, you would have guessed it, I was with a group of children from a Tamil school. =)

Picking up trash and answering questions

Most of them were Standard 6 kids and I think they are pretty smart. To a question, “Why is water important to us?”, one of them answered, “To regulate our body temperature.” Wow! Do I know this body-temperature-regulation thingy when I was in Standard 6? Maybe not yet. Haha. One girl by the name of Maha (if I remember correctly) walked beside me for practically the whole Walk. And she told me stories, about how often she comes for picnics in Botanical Gardens, how bad her school teachers for making them stay till 4pm everyday, how happy she was to be able to join this event, how she loves trees (nature), etc. One story stood out. She told me that some Indians, including her family, would worship the “cannon ball” from the cannon ball tree. If you have been to the Botanical Gardens, you would have seen the cannon ball trees lining the pathway just as you enter. The fruit does look like a cannon ball. Let me show you.

Cannon ball tree

According to her, they worship the cannon ball as they believe that one of the transformations of Lord Siva Lingam is inside this cannon ball. So they would pray and let the ball grow and erupt by itself. When the cannon ball erupts, its insides resembles Lord Siva Lingam. They would then be able pray to Lord Siva Lingam through that. See how important nature is to human beings? Protecting the nature does not only mean protecting our ecosystem, it also means protecting religious beliefs and cultures. Thanks to my new-found friend, I realised this.

The walk continued and I found myself pointing left and right, showing the kids different plants and trees and even a water treatment plant, going, “Look, that’s a staghorn!”, “Look, those are cactuses, you know?” or “Hey, there’s a water treatment plant here. You know what it’s for? It’s to give us clean water to drink and wash our stuffs”. One girl was looking for bamboo trees and we found it. “Look, your bamboo trees are here!”

Here are some plant pictures I took during the Walk.


Morning glories

I don’t know the name of this plant.

By the lily pond

Birds of paradise

 Candle tree

 I don’t know the name of this plant.

I don’t know the name of this plant too. I just know they come in two colours. =p 

Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place, I especially love the lily pond; very serene, very peaceful – good for your soul. =)

To wrap up the whole event, Euwing had another task for me; to take a group picture with the Friend Zy Nity banner.

Intel Boleh! PDC Boleh!

I went back home feeling happier after a week of distress. I think it was mainly because of the greeneries and the school children. They made my day. =)

To everyone, PROTECT OUR ENVIRONMENT, protect ourselves. =)

Are we long-lost sisters?

May 11, 2008

I got a call yesterday. The caller was Lee San Yin and here’s what she told me.

“Heyyy!! I read your blog!! You kena saman a?? I also kena saman!!! Guess what?? I also kena saman on 1st of March, for speeding too!!”

Then she called again, this time she said,

“Heyyy!! I just cut my hair! And I think the hairdresser styled my hair like yours! Same length!”

Then we started talking about the similarities that we share. The most obvious one is our name – Lee San Nien and Lee San Yin; we share the same Chinese characters for “Lee” and “San”. And our parents omitted the “h” in the “Shan” and spelled our middle character as “San”. It is pronounced with a “h” in Chinese. What else? Let’s see. She’s thin, I’m thin too. But now she’s super thin!! Please eat more for me okay?? Height-wise, almost the same, she may be a bit taller. She has two brothers, I have two brothers too. Her mum is a teacher, my mum is also a teacher. Both of us are very picky when it comes to food!! Our friends warn each other not to name their kids “San Xxx”. We both have BIG appetites for food we love but when the food is not to our liking, we both rather not eat. I know, it’s very wrong but at least I’m not alone in this! =p And we love to sing and we don’t care if you do not like our voices. Muahaha.

There was once, our sponsor, Petronas, sent our letters wrongly! I got a letter addressed to Lee San Yin while she got a letter addressed to Lee San Nien. How often do you get that?

Coincidences and similarities like these don’t just happen everyday. I’m starting to think we may be sisters. Haha. Oh ya, we also managed to trick a few juniors into thinking that we are sisters. With both being thin, almost as tall as each other, having similar hair style, I think we can go back to UTP and start acting in front of juniors again! They don’t know I have a blog so they won’t get the chance to read about this. Haha. Did I miss anything, San Yin? Glad to have found my long-lost sis after all these years without a sister! Rock on sis! =)

Eligible Bachelor not in sight

May 9, 2008

There has certainly been a nominating craze going on for 2009 CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor with Erica nominating Kah Hoong and Kareen nominating Ah Fai. Come to think of it, if I know someone who’s of Eligible-Bachelor-and-Boyfriend Material, I will keep him for myself! Muahaha! *Evil GRIN* I don’t think I will take the trouble to write a nominating essay for him just so that other girls would get a chance to admire him and get a piece of him. I don’t share my cake! Hahahaha. Sadly, that Eligible Bachelor that I dream of is no where in sight. I’ll be dreaming of him till he comes! Hahaha. For the time being, I’ll just enjoy myself with my friends, especially my girl friends ’cause they are the best! Love you girls! Hugs and kisses to you all! You know who you are!

I can’t laugh…

May 7, 2008

…because I kena hentam by a badminton racquet. Ya ya, I know, you can laugh.

So much for my badminton training on Monday. I got hit by my partner, Lee Yee, while she was returning a shuttle to our opponent. It was a freak freak accident. Both of us were so engrossed in the game, so semangat to hit the shuttle that we didn’t realise that we were actually going to collide. We were trying to return a lob, I was reversing, she was approaching behind me from my left. Then I felt a hard blow, on my left cheek bone. Everything happened too fast. Before I knew it, something was already blocking my view at the corner of my left eye and it was none other than my swelling cheek. It was swelling, growing and turning black at the same time. Luckily, Lee Yee was quick to grab hold of a can of cold 100PLUS and rubbed it against my cheek which was already black by now. After a few minutes, the swelling reduced and the black-ness reduced to green and red and a tinge of purple. Phew~! But that was just not going to be the end of it, now it’s painful every time I laugh.

Here are a few of my excruciating experience today; one-liners that put me in pain.

1) During lunch..

    Debbie: You know some tong sui, they put ginger inside?

    Alex: You sure they are ginger? Or are those slices of old potatoes?

    Say Hoe: Wah, if potatoes can be mistaken for ginger, they can also grow old till they look ginseng.

2) During my team meeting..

    Manager: Let’s do something after lunch on next Wednesday, to reward ourselves.

    Teammate: What you wanna do? You wanna go jogging in Bukit Bendera ar?

    Me: Haha (trying not to laugh too hard)

    Teammate: Or we go watch movie, in GSC Gold Class?

    Manager: What Gold Class? What is Gold Class?

    Seeing my manager’s blur face, I can’t help but laugh. Ahh, pain~.

3) When I was chatting with a friend..

    Friend: That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in weeks.

    And in her attempt to make me “cry”, she told me a sad story.

    Friend: Flabby said, if I can’t cook curry for him, he won’t marry me.

    That was it. The Most Painful Joke of the day. You get the award missy.

4) After dinner with cousin, Jojo, in the car..

    Jojo: Gary looks like my friend. And his specs especially looks like my friend’s specs.

    I just think this is so funny! I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s like when you can’t do something, you just feel like doing it so much. So now, when I can’t laugh, I just laugh more. The thought of not being able to laugh itself is just so funny.

Can you see the racquet marks? Haha.


Life is full of surprises

May 4, 2008

PDC Cup is coming and this time, I am actually going to get involved as a participant, and not as someone who will help run the show (which is usual for me), when someone nominated my name for LD (Logic Design Engineer) Badminton Team. I was invited for a training session the next day and I was so afraid I’ll be making a fool out of myself. I did not know anyone from the team and felt really awkward for the first day. Things turned out better after the second session after a few games.

Am I competition material, I wonder. I mean, I do play but I don’t think I’m competition material. I certainly need more training! Haha. And when I told my mum, this was what I got. =)

Me: “Ma, my 1st competition if I am selected!”

Mum: “My 1st badminton competition was when I was in Standard 5!”

Me: “Ya la, you greatest la..”

I am really excited to see if I can really make the cut and play for my team. It will be my 1st sports competition ever! Please tell me I can do it! I need support. =p

On another note, amidst all the excitement and fun I’m having now, I’m really trying to adjust to all the changes in my life. My life has been a drama lately and I’m finding it quite difficult to cope. Somehow, things just seem strange and weird to me. Things are not how they used to be, what they used to look like. I certainly need time to digest all that has happened right in front of my eyes and recover from all the shock and not be too overwhelmed by everything. I know that everything will be alright again someday. I will wait for that day. For now, I will just live life as it is.

Mukah Head, a.k.a. Monkey Beach

May 3, 2008

There’s nothing monkey about this Monkey Beach. There was no sign of monkey anywhere on this Monkey Beach. How did they come up with this name, I don’t know.

Well, 12 of us wanted to watch sunset in Mukah Head but the boatman did not allow. We had to leave the beach at 7pm, he said.

We started our journey to the West at around 4pm. The hike to Mukah Head took us almost 2 hours while the hike up to the lighthouse took us around half an hour. Mind you, it is 1km of stairs before you reach the lighthouse.

This tree has tones.

Handsome biawak


Fooling around with Diane

The lighthouse was already closed by the time we reached. We could just see the lighthouse from outside, through the fence. =(

So near, yet so far

Still happy we made it to the top!

At the end, we did get to watch the sunset, not at Mukah Head as initially planned but on the boat on our way back. The following widescreen pictures were taken using manual mode; I had to adjust the shutter speed and aperture in my amateurish attempt to get the colours as how you will see.

 Our boatman against the sunset


If you would really like to experience sunset in Mukah Head, you should camp there for one night. There are camping facilities ready for campers.