Eating Spree around Sungai Petani

Debbie, Soon Yen and Chun Yan came to Sungai Petani to visit Ming Kiat and me. Ming Kiat is the best person to bring you for an eating spree around Sungai Petani. He knows places, much better than me. Haha. *salute* *salute*

1st stop: Lunch at Yik Wah Restaurant, famous for its lap cheong.

Verdict: Lap cheong is very juicy, tasty and sweet, mm mm ~!

They still serve rice in a small metal bowl.

2nd stop: SP bus station for blended drinks.

Verdict: Very special. They have blended corn, blended red bean, blended peanut, blended coconut, blended juices and the ultimate see sua kah (everything blended together)! See sua kah is quite nice with a pineapple after taste. My favourite is blended peanut but then it will make you very jelak after a few sips, so, overall, blended red bean is the nicest. Hehe.

From left: blended red bean, blended peanut, blended corn, blended coconut, blended red bean.

Then, we went up to Gunung Jerai for a full 3 hours. That’s a story for another time. I haven’t got the pictures from Li Ping. Hehe.

3rd stop: Man tau with cucur udang, at Jet Sen Restaurant, Bedong.

Verdict: Very nice, I can eat maybe like four? Haha. I had two, which just wasn’t enough for me. I think it’s cucur udang inside the man tau. We aren’t really sure what it is exactly but it’s definitely nice! Too bad I don’t have the pictures.

4th stop: Steamed tua pan, sambal sotong and ikan bakar at G.Tiang Restaurant, Bedong.

Verdict: Very special. I have never eaten steamed tua pan, people normally serve fried tua pan. Sambal sotong and ikan bakar is very tasty, with a superb sauce to go along with. Yum Yum!

FYI: Tua pan is called wat tan hor in Perak. Haha. For the sake of people who don’t know that wat tan hor is called tua pan here in the northern region. =p

Soon Yen thinks the food was very worth the trip to SP. I can see that he’s very satisfied. Haha. Give some credit to Bedong too (outskirts of SP). I enjoyed myself with the food too! =)


8 Responses to “Eating Spree around Sungai Petani”

  1. Faiker Says:

    i wan to go also….hehe~~ y u eat so many but u still in shape one?
    God is unfair…ish ish ish !!!
    i would like to try the blended coconut..hehe~~

  2. magicporridgepot Says:

    Ok, come come to SP, I will bring you there! Haha. I got more shape already la, after months of eating in Penang. Hahaha.

  3. Faiker Says:

    haih..cant call u “xiao mei mei” edi lo~ hihi!!

  4. lil'binbin Says:

    aiks. my pics. i know.
    will tag u guys in facebook. u have facebooook?!

  5. youzhuan Says:

    wow! u found steam tua pan….hahaha…

  6. Mr Magoo Says:

    Now only i noticed my hometown got so many nice nice food that can be promoted! =]

  7. TS Wong Says:

    Wow… u guys found a food (steam tua pan) just opposite of my house…. All above food i was taste before… summary, is a classic food… u guys must have a try…

  8. Daruma Says:

    Finally! Someone finally blogged about great food in Sungei Petani that is not Eupe food court (or any other food court that I had never even heard of growing up in this little sleepy town). The legendary Yik Wah Restaurant and its famous lap cheong and the blended drinks at the Bus Station (which one did you try, the “big nose’s” place?) definitely deserve their places in the list of good eats in SP but were never mentioned often enough. The blended drinks sure bring back a lot of high-school memories for me. Must definitely visit on my next balik-kampung trip. Too bad you guys did not try the food at Sai Kow Restaurant (细九), just walking distance from the Bus Station. They also serve their steam rice in small metal bowl (Yik Wah and Sai Kow are the only two places I know serve their rice this way).

    Thank you for blogging about these comfort foods of childhood from my hometown.

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