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How the World Has Changed

June 8, 2008

Poh Kiat came for a business trip last Friday and we went to Noodle Station for dinner.

Wai Lun was Teh Tarik Man for the night just because his receipt said so.

But, that was not the highlight of the night.

A group of aunties in their mid-30s were seated beside us and I could hear them discussing about Facebook! They were aunties with kids already! They were exchanging Facebook tips like how to create a private album, how to upload pictures and even how to post comments and write on walls! Fuh! Canggih!

Then I recalled how mothers of some of my friends found their Friendster or Facebook profile or even their blog just by searching on the Internet. And we actually thought that the Internet is a zone free of parental control. How wrong we were! Mums do exert parental control on our profiles and blogs now! Some of them post unwanted comments and we cannot delete them, some even tell us what we should or shouldn’t blog about. The surprising thing is, from my experience, only Mums do these stuffs. Dads are usually more liberal, huh? Sorry Mummy, if you would have to read this. Haha. Luckily, I have a Mum who does not interfere and who allows me Internet freedom. It comes with years of trust-building, you know. Haha.

Just a few years ago, people their age would say, “How the world has changed, kids nowadays are so Internet-savvy.” Now, I could hear myself saying, “How the world has changed, aunties nowadays are so Internet-savvy.”

How the world has changed.


Something’s Wrong

June 4, 2008

Something’s wrong or maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really see the point in lining up for a few hours just to get the petrol tank filled up and save a couple of ringgit. I mean, how much money can you save? The moment you rev your engines tomorrow, it’s gone. Let’s take the worst case, RM50. There are a lot of ways to compensate that 50 bucks instead of wasting 2-3 hours waiting for your turn to fill your tank. Maybe you should start reducing your air-conditioner and heater usage (electricity bill, get it?), maybe you should start pampering your taste buds less (cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, ring a bell?), maybe you should stop buying unnecessary stuffs (that extra pair of shoes, oops, sounds like me, =p) or maybe you just start to be more thrifty and watch where you spend your money. As a student, maybe I should really be in the queue now, but then I calculated, I will save RM10, the most. RM10 for 3hours just sitting in the car, no way for me. I always believe, money comes and goes by the way you handle it, and I, for one, won’t waste my time just to fill my petrol tank.

It’s now 11pm, I have showered, after my yoga lesson, feeling healthy and contented with my efforts to stay healthy and live life to the fullest, and my housemates aren’t back from the fill-up-your-car-by-12am-tonight madness. Maybe I should stop blogging now, because if they read, they may get offended by this post. Haha. Yet, RM50 may mean a lot to people. But then again, I can’t help but to remind people that there are so many ways you can compensate that RM50! Just spend your money wisely.

Penang folks are braving the storm and massive traffic jam to get to Shell, Mobil, Petronas or Caltex. It’s kinda sick.

The rain and thunder and lightning and all the petrol madness, they are making me feel that something wrong is going to happen. It feels like a bad omen. Maybe I’m just being moody. Maybe something’s really wrong with the world, people being so attached to money they forget more important aspects of life, like, time.

p/s: There are lots of “maybe”s in this post, maybe you should start counting them.

Kevin and Alan were here!

June 1, 2008

It was definitely a weekend filled with fun, laughter, catching-ups and surprises! Surprises include how an Ah Beng managed to save the day, against all odds, and how Alan was discovered in the jungles of Penang, having been trapped there for what seem to look like an eternity, judging from his inability to keep a proper straight face and smile for the camera, let alone pose! Kevin has got a detailed story of this heroic Ah Beng and a great account of the rescue of A.L.A.N. by the Great Four – Kevin, Chun Yan, Chris and Wai Lun -, so, please go and read about his Escape to Penang Island.. Trust me, you will be very entertained!

Kevin and Alan came on Friday evening and visited us, Cubics, in Intel and Altera. We (Kevin and Alan and Cubics from Intel) unexpectedly barged into a jamming session in Altera and Kevin was the ever-honoured guest guitarist, playing a few songs as requested by the Cubics in Altera. Then we headed for a quick dinner at McDonalds, where Kevin couldn’t seem to eat his Mc Chicken like how he used to, and then for Indiana Jones, and then to N-Park and then to bed.

Starting our Saturday with Hokkien Mee in Jelutong, we had a great deal of fun in Penang Hill and Fort Cornwallis.

Arrival at Penang Hill

 Arrival at Penang Hill, this time trying to pose

Debbie had a thing for walls that Saturday, I got roped in. Luckily we did not do the kiss-the-wall pose.

Took pictures in the gallery while waiting for the train.

“In This Club” would be the perfect background music

Kevin is able to hold the camera even while sleeping

I had two guys to sleep with.

The view was nice and the air was cool at the top.

View from top, it is on these train tracks that an Ah Beng finally saved the faces (or asses) of all Malaysians!

Kek Lok Si is visible on top of Penang Hill

Along the way, me and Kev wanted to create some romantic scenes and here are some of our attempts.

Our first attempt that failed miserably

Our second attempt, which could have been much better. A.L.A.N. just had to spoil the romance that was going on.

Happily being spotted by Kev

Happily spotting Kev, Kev is controlling his “cool”, cheh…

Debbie also had a thing for leaves and trees that day.

Debbie’s masterpiece of the day

My masterpiece of the day

Grasshoppers selling for RM1 each, haven’t seen these for a long time.

There’s an Indian temple and a mosque up the hill, along with some cannons to make it historical.

To war with the cannons! The air smells really good, Kev.

We went up on the canopy walkway against Debbie’s pleadings, “scary ah~ scary ah~” and “Si Fiu, don’t come near me!!!!“. Ask Si Fiu why.

Canopy walkway

Beautiful houses lined the road to the canopy walkway. We stopped to take pictures with the most beautiful one of all. And this picture looks like we’re already up in heaven.

Knocking on heaven’s door

After some Air Itam Laksa and Penang Road Cendol, we headed to Fort Cornwallis. Yes, we made it back to Fort Cornwallis!

Zig-zag pose, according to Deb

Surrender to me!

Kevin, Chris, A.L.A.N. and Si Fiu went up this lighthouse, I’m gonna try it some other time.

Wild horses in Fort Cornwallis

A visit to Fort Cornwallis wouldn’t be complete without a picture of its huge cannons so here it is.


I could not spend the rest of the night and Sunday with the rest because I had to attend my cousin’s wedding. That night, we had a pillow talk after I came back from my cousin’s place. Sorry Kev, for not letting you to go to sleep. Hehe. I haven’t seen you for a long time ma~. After the weekend, Kevin and I talked through e-mails and we agreed that we haven’t had hearty laughs and talks like we had during the weekend for a long long time. It was indeed a great, great weekend! =)

p/s: I think Kev’s post is much more accurate, along with all the hilarious stories that I think would not be as nice if I repeat them here. Hehe. Go read Kev’s post even if you only know me and not know him!