Pot oh Pot

Pot oh Pot, I am so sorry to have abandoned you for such a long time. No, you’re not dying. Not now.

Stay with me, please. Somebody help! Anyone with CPR skills? Magic Porridge Pot, you’ve gotta stay with me now..

An Angel breathes some air into Magic Porridge Pot. Tah dah! My dear Magic Porridge Pot is revived!

Haha. Enough of nonsense. The truth is, I am back at home, with proper Internet connection, yeah! Will update this good ol’ blog of mine! Thanks for staying with me! =)


2 Responses to “Pot oh Pot”

  1. Edwin Says:


  2. weizhu Says:

    and i thought the pot lost its magics …

    hope to see some porridge oozing out from the top of the pot real soon …

    omg my eis is still with me!

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