My Little Mousey

Introducing…. THE Micro Mouse!

Nickname: Mousey

Age: 3 months ++

Parents: Diane Teng Sim Lean and Lee San Nien.


Top view


Side view

Hahaha. Does this micro mouse look micro and look like a mouse to you? Hahaha.

We spent a great deal of time giving birth life to this mouse. Haha. It is in fact a line-tracking robot which can only track lines in the presence of sunshine. Haha. The thing is, we did not include front lights (in the form of bright LEDs) to enable to see the lines more clearly. So to those who are planning to build a line-tracking robot like this, please learn from our mistake. =)

Anyway, we are proud of our little mousey though it’s a little blind sometimes. Haha. Hooray Diane! We made it!


4 Responses to “My Little Mousey”

  1. weizhu Says:

    fyp ar? cool!

  2. Khian Says:

    wah..never mention about Khian contributing one?? You think the parts magically fell from the sky ge meh..*cough-cough*!

  3. diane Says:

    Hey…dat’s our mousey!!! Hehe. =)

  4. James Says:

    Good job San Nien !! Not easy to be a mother huh …….

    This is micro pet , may be they can be good friends , hehhehe

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