Candid Shots at Jurong Bird Park

I was browsing through my photo collections to see how my hair looked like a few months and I stumbled upon some pictures of these beautiful feathered creatures at Singapore’s very own Jurong Bird Park.

Enjoy the pictures!


A peacock, obviously.


A peacock, poised and elegant.


Hey mandarin duck, where is your other half?


An ostrich, smiling for the camera.


A lory, looking lonely.

That same day, we visited the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. The entire day was really awesome. The parks were well managed, the animal shows were very entertaining, the park rangers were all very professional, both in handling the crowd as well as conducting the shows. Malaysia should really learn from our neighbour in this aspect.


2 Responses to “Candid Shots at Jurong Bird Park”

  1. weizhu Says:

    gilanye .. 1 day 3 park …

    u mz be walking at lightning speed … can reallly enjoy/admire/stare/observe/notice/see/feel/touch/smell/hug/kick/sayhi/throwastone/play/smile at animals/birds/nightcrawlers ka?

  2. magicporridgepot Says:

    Ya it was tiring but it was truly enjoyable! Hehe. From your list above, I just didnt hug, kick, throw a stone at the animals, birds, nightcrawlers. Haha.

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