End of Holidays

Coming back from Tioman, I had to attend an interview in KL with iCIMB. It was a hectic rush for us. I didnt have all my documents but I was really lucky that a friend was traveling down to KL a day before my interview. Thank you Sun Ly for helping me bring all my documents, formal wear and even a pair of shoes. Haha. Thanks Chea Yi for answering my call when you were asleep. =)

My interview was scheduled at 11.30am and I arrived at Plaza Pantai at 11.10am. I was given an “IQ” test before the interview, comprising of 15 questions, to be finished in 15mins. After finishing that test, we were then escorted up to Level 20 where we would be interviewed by the CEO himself, Dominique.

When it was my turn, I was greeted by Dominique and Shereen in the interview room. The interview was very casual and jokes were exchanged between us. At the end of it, they asked me if I have any questions. So I asked the ultimate question, “I wonder why you would want to interview engineers.”, to which he answered, “Banking systems are getting more and more like manufacturing systems where lean operations concepts are adopted, systems need to be more cost effective and automations are needed to achieve more efficiency.” Hmm, sounds like what we typical engineers always do; reducing costs, automating processes and creating a set of steps which are generic and can be reused in different applications. That is why they need engineers in the banking industry, to design efficient systems, from what I gather. I was pleasantly surprised by his explanation and I quote, “Engineering graduates are very sought after in the banking industry, if you know where to look.”

After a “nice chat” which was actually an interview, I proceeded to the lift and while waiting, an admin lady came running and asked me to go back. So I went back and Dominique asked me to wait outside. Then, the HR ladies came and asked me to go for a medical check up. Then I realised that they wanted to offer me the job and had to see the results of my medical check up before extending their offer. I made my journey to Chong Dispensary, did my check-up, made my way back to Plaza Pantai and got the offer letter. By the time the offer letter was in my hands, it was already 4.15pm. What an unexpected hectic day for me. Phew! Finally, I took the train to Mid Valley, met up with Mr Choe, ate quickly and we drove back to Ipoh.

To my engineer friends, you may try out for an experience in the banking industry if you are interested. You are much welcome in this industry, if what Dominique say is true. =) For now, I am savouring my last days of holidays, while preparing for the next hopefully-exciting experience.


4 Responses to “End of Holidays”

  1. diane Says:

    Oooo…you’re gonna work at icimb too? Have fun! =)

  2. Ching Shearn Says:

    During my internship, i got dealt with software that function to automate workflows and data management thingy, quite interesting! Well, I guess the use of machine or system is much widespread these days.

    Good luck for ya work.

  3. James (Your datuk) Says:

    Hi San Nien! Long time no see. It is good to hear that you got a good offer.
    In Japan engineers can perform well in any field of industry such as finance, IT, medical and bla bla bla……
    So I am going back for the CNY and hoping to meet up you and others. Remember belanja me makan ok ?

  4. magicporridgepot Says:

    Hello datuk! Long time no see! Good infor there. Hehehe. Ya, let’s meet up during CNY! Hehe. Will I get to see my nenek as well? Haha.

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