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Home Is Where The FUN Is

September 26, 2009

People say home is where the heart is, but I do wanna say that home is where the fun is. I just want to post some pics here and let them do all the talking! I miss my family – they love, they care, they make me smile, they make me laugh, they camwhore with me, they bring me to places, they sing, they dance and they EAT!




BBQ Party!


As San Wei put it, Michelin mascot of the family


We are swimmers!


We’ve got a reward system in our family with Er Yi as Chairman.


She is the sister I never had.


They are the sisters I never had.


We kiss, babeh!


Keep up the good work!


Models wannabe!


Model dun wannabe!


They are always there.

And Many Many Many More!

I miss the smell of Grandma-cooked food, I miss Sunday gatherings in N-Park, I miss shopping together with cousins, I miss teasing my younger brothers, I miss fighting with them as well, I miss playing with my baby nephews, I miss playing with my little cousins, I miss just having dinner with everyone around, I miss our family hiking trips, I miss shopping after hiking, etc etc etc. Hahaha. Well, life brings adventures, sometimes close to the ones you love, sometimes far away from the ones you love. But one thing’s for sure, their love will always bring you back to where they are. So, what more can I say, I will be back! =D