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I can go out of Malaysia!

July 17, 2008

Hahaha, I know I may sound very jakun but I just got my passport! Haha. I haven’t been to any other country except for Thailand and coming from Kedah, I only a border pass to go to Thailand. So, kinda understandable that I just got my passport, right? Haha.

Ah Fai Tai Kor, Pei Chie, we can start planning our Bali-or-Phuket trip! I purposely get a passport ready so that I can go anytime you know? Muahaha. I’m sure you guys are now enjoying yourselves in Italy and please come back with stuffs for me! =p I’ll wait for my turn to go to Europe. Hehe. =)

I haven’t been posting here for a very long time. I have lots of stories to tell and pictures to post, so hang on there! More stories and pictures coming! =)


How the World Has Changed

June 8, 2008

Poh Kiat came for a business trip last Friday and we went to Noodle Station for dinner.

Wai Lun was Teh Tarik Man for the night just because his receipt said so.

But, that was not the highlight of the night.

A group of aunties in their mid-30s were seated beside us and I could hear them discussing about Facebook! They were aunties with kids already! They were exchanging Facebook tips like how to create a private album, how to upload pictures and even how to post comments and write on walls! Fuh! Canggih!

Then I recalled how mothers of some of my friends found their Friendster or Facebook profile or even their blog just by searching on the Internet. And we actually thought that the Internet is a zone free of parental control. How wrong we were! Mums do exert parental control on our profiles and blogs now! Some of them post unwanted comments and we cannot delete them, some even tell us what we should or shouldn’t blog about. The surprising thing is, from my experience, only Mums do these stuffs. Dads are usually more liberal, huh? Sorry Mummy, if you would have to read this. Haha. Luckily, I have a Mum who does not interfere and who allows me Internet freedom. It comes with years of trust-building, you know. Haha.

Just a few years ago, people their age would say, “How the world has changed, kids nowadays are so Internet-savvy.” Now, I could hear myself saying, “How the world has changed, aunties nowadays are so Internet-savvy.”

How the world has changed.

Are we long-lost sisters?

May 11, 2008

I got a call yesterday. The caller was Lee San Yin and here’s what she told me.

“Heyyy!! I read your blog!! You kena saman a?? I also kena saman!!! Guess what?? I also kena saman on 1st of March, for speeding too!!”

Then she called again, this time she said,

“Heyyy!! I just cut my hair! And I think the hairdresser styled my hair like yours! Same length!”

Then we started talking about the similarities that we share. The most obvious one is our name – Lee San Nien and Lee San Yin; we share the same Chinese characters for “Lee” and “San”. And our parents omitted the “h” in the “Shan” and spelled our middle character as “San”. It is pronounced with a “h” in Chinese. What else? Let’s see. She’s thin, I’m thin too. But now she’s super thin!! Please eat more for me okay?? Height-wise, almost the same, she may be a bit taller. She has two brothers, I have two brothers too. Her mum is a teacher, my mum is also a teacher. Both of us are very picky when it comes to food!! Our friends warn each other not to name their kids “San Xxx”. We both have BIG appetites for food we love but when the food is not to our liking, we both rather not eat. I know, it’s very wrong but at least I’m not alone in this! =p And we love to sing and we don’t care if you do not like our voices. Muahaha.

There was once, our sponsor, Petronas, sent our letters wrongly! I got a letter addressed to Lee San Yin while she got a letter addressed to Lee San Nien. How often do you get that?

Coincidences and similarities like these don’t just happen everyday. I’m starting to think we may be sisters. Haha. Oh ya, we also managed to trick a few juniors into thinking that we are sisters. With both being thin, almost as tall as each other, having similar hair style, I think we can go back to UTP and start acting in front of juniors again! They don’t know I have a blog so they won’t get the chance to read about this. Haha. Did I miss anything, San Yin? Glad to have found my long-lost sis after all these years without a sister! Rock on sis! =)

I can’t laugh…

May 7, 2008

…because I kena hentam by a badminton racquet. Ya ya, I know, you can laugh.

So much for my badminton training on Monday. I got hit by my partner, Lee Yee, while she was returning a shuttle to our opponent. It was a freak freak accident. Both of us were so engrossed in the game, so semangat to hit the shuttle that we didn’t realise that we were actually going to collide. We were trying to return a lob, I was reversing, she was approaching behind me from my left. Then I felt a hard blow, on my left cheek bone. Everything happened too fast. Before I knew it, something was already blocking my view at the corner of my left eye and it was none other than my swelling cheek. It was swelling, growing and turning black at the same time. Luckily, Lee Yee was quick to grab hold of a can of cold 100PLUS and rubbed it against my cheek which was already black by now. After a few minutes, the swelling reduced and the black-ness reduced to green and red and a tinge of purple. Phew~! But that was just not going to be the end of it, now it’s painful every time I laugh.

Here are a few of my excruciating experience today; one-liners that put me in pain.

1) During lunch..

    Debbie: You know some tong sui, they put ginger inside?

    Alex: You sure they are ginger? Or are those slices of old potatoes?

    Say Hoe: Wah, if potatoes can be mistaken for ginger, they can also grow old till they look ginseng.

2) During my team meeting..

    Manager: Let’s do something after lunch on next Wednesday, to reward ourselves.

    Teammate: What you wanna do? You wanna go jogging in Bukit Bendera ar?

    Me: Haha (trying not to laugh too hard)

    Teammate: Or we go watch movie, in GSC Gold Class?

    Manager: What Gold Class? What is Gold Class?

    Seeing my manager’s blur face, I can’t help but laugh. Ahh, pain~.

3) When I was chatting with a friend..

    Friend: That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in weeks.

    And in her attempt to make me “cry”, she told me a sad story.

    Friend: Flabby said, if I can’t cook curry for him, he won’t marry me.

    That was it. The Most Painful Joke of the day. You get the award missy.

4) After dinner with cousin, Jojo, in the car..

    Jojo: Gary looks like my friend. And his specs especially looks like my friend’s specs.

    I just think this is so funny! I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s like when you can’t do something, you just feel like doing it so much. So now, when I can’t laugh, I just laugh more. The thought of not being able to laugh itself is just so funny.

Can you see the racquet marks? Haha.


Life is full of surprises

May 4, 2008

PDC Cup is coming and this time, I am actually going to get involved as a participant, and not as someone who will help run the show (which is usual for me), when someone nominated my name for LD (Logic Design Engineer) Badminton Team. I was invited for a training session the next day and I was so afraid I’ll be making a fool out of myself. I did not know anyone from the team and felt really awkward for the first day. Things turned out better after the second session after a few games.

Am I competition material, I wonder. I mean, I do play but I don’t think I’m competition material. I certainly need more training! Haha. And when I told my mum, this was what I got. =)

Me: “Ma, my 1st competition if I am selected!”

Mum: “My 1st badminton competition was when I was in Standard 5!”

Me: “Ya la, you greatest la..”

I am really excited to see if I can really make the cut and play for my team. It will be my 1st sports competition ever! Please tell me I can do it! I need support. =p

On another note, amidst all the excitement and fun I’m having now, I’m really trying to adjust to all the changes in my life. My life has been a drama lately and I’m finding it quite difficult to cope. Somehow, things just seem strange and weird to me. Things are not how they used to be, what they used to look like. I certainly need time to digest all that has happened right in front of my eyes and recover from all the shock and not be too overwhelmed by everything. I know that everything will be alright again someday. I will wait for that day. For now, I will just live life as it is.

Kena saman

May 2, 2008

Hahaha. Lee San Nien officially kena saman, her 1st saman in 3 years of driving. Offence? Speeding. Unbelievable.

Offence: 104kph on a 90kph road.

Offence committed on: 1st March 2008

So unlucky, only 14kph of difference. Not too fast wat~~. =p

Blur-rest girl I have ever seen

March 23, 2008

Haha, I can’t help but laugh when I think of my dear dear friend, who happens to be the blur-rest girl I have ever seen in my life! I decided to categorise this post in here because I have never had a friend like that. This story is about how oblivious she is to her surroundings and how we managed to unearth her unobservant-ness! I shall let the following conversations tell the story..

Since we are now staying in N-park condominium, let’s start the story nearest to home. 

Question 1: What is the name of the coffee shop opposite N-park?

Answer: N-park

Correct answer: New N-Park Cafe


Quoted: “The words ‘New’ and ‘Cafe’ are too tiny.”

Question 2: The fire which happened last week, which floor was that?

Answer: Erm, level 2?

Correct answer: Level 3

Proof: I hope I mentioned this in my first post.

Question 3: What colour is the curtain in your room?

Answer: Erm, don’t know, didn’t really notice. Is it green?

Correct answer: Light purple.

Proof: Come drop by my place then you’ll see.

Question 4: What animal is on the N-park Resort and Condominium sign?

Answer: There’s animal on the sign, meh? Erm, an elephant perhaps?

Correct answer: Two dolphins.


See the two dolphins on top of the sign? 

Driving out of the place we stay, plenty of banners and posters were put up during the most recent general elections. In Penang, Gerakan (a component party of Barisan Nasional) used the slogan “Keep Reinventing”. The banners bearing this slogan were everywhere, and I mean e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Ask anyone who was in Penang at that time, he/she surely would have seen those banners. So, you can now guess what the next question is.

Question 5: Did you see the “Keep Reinventing” banners around town?

Answer: No ah, didn’t see any. Got meh?

Correct answer: I have told you, they are e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!



They’ve got Mandarin version as well.

Since election fever is still on, …

Question 6: How does a PAS flag look like?

Answer: Erm, I don’t know ah.. I think, there’s a circle in the middle, white in colour and surrounded by red.

Correct answer: White in the middle, surrounded by green.



Question 7: What’s the difference between the Keadilan flag used during the last GE and the most recent GE?

Answer: Err.. I don’t even know how a Keadilan flag looks like.

Correct answer: Addition of red colour in the latest Keadilan flag.



Old one on the left, new one on the right

Just to twist her brain a little bit more…

Question 8: What is the colour of Gary’s car?

Answer: Gray.

Correct answer: Vermillion, in between orange and red.

Proof: Ask Gary.

Answer: Eh, no a? But I know Chun Yan’s car is gray la.

Correct answer: Gold.

Proof: Ask Chun Yan.

Answer: Oh, I know, Wai Lun’s car is gray.

Correct answer: Wai Lun’s car is silver, but close to gray so it’s still okay.

Proof: Ask Wai Lun.

Question 9: Where is Paddington House of Pancakes in Queensbay? 

Answer: 2nd floor.

Correct answer: 1st floor.

Proof: Give Queensbay a visit and you will know.

Till this day, I still can’t believe some of her answers. Nevertheless, I still love her as she is and on some days, I am indeed the more absent-minded one. I guess we just look out for each other. =)


March 16, 2008

My first post should be a post about a fire that I witnessed a week ago as this is the incident that made me feel like starting a blog. I just felt I had to share some stories of my life! What an unlikely way to be inspired to set up a blog.

It all started on one Saturday morning… Debbie, See Phew (that’s how Chun Yan is called nowadays, no thanks to me) and I were in the living room. Debbie and See Phew were watching some stuffs on their computer while I was feeling quite bored, having nothing significant to do on that fine Saturday morning. I was looking for some excitement or at least some fun but I didn’t know what to do, where to go. Then, when we were all engrossed in our own activities, we heard people yelling and screaming. Debbie and I got a little annoyed and said to each other, “Why are people shouting early in the morning? So bising!” But the screams were too loud to ignore, so we decided to check it out. When we got out of our apartment, we saw many people like us, curious to know what was going on. A young boy told an uncle, “Look, there’s a fire over there!” And so we looked to the direction he’s pointing at. We saw smoke coming out from a unit 3 floors down. Debbie, See Phew and I decided to go have a look. Chris was not that interested, he chose to stay back. See Phew said to me, “Hey, bring your camera!”

So I turned out to be like a reporter, snapping shots of the first fire I witnessed.


Three fire engines came to the rescue


Onlookers everywhere

See Phew went close enough to see that the burnt house was flooded with water.

From what I could make out of the whole incident, that apartment went down on fire because of a joss stick. Luckily, there were some housekeeping staff who were there at the time. They were really quick to put out the fire. By the time the firemen arrived, there was nothing left for them to do; most of them just sat there while their counterparts assessed the damage together with some policemen and the paramedics cared for an injured person. Sources said that the injured person is actually the hero of the day. He got himself burnt when trying to put out the fire.


I thought that this person was the hero,..


 but someone told me this is the real hero. 

Well, I think the housekeeping staff were all very heroic. They put their lives at risk the moment they decided to help.


The injured man was brought to hospital. Let’s just hope he recovers soon. 

It turned out that, that Saturday morning was not as dead as I thought it would be. It was certainly exciting to see a fire happening so near to where I stay! We were lucky that the fire did not spread or else I would not be here blogging about it. I would most probably be in a hospital.

After the whole incident, I felt glad that nothing happened to any one of us and was even very happy to just have maggi mee for lunch. The fact that Chris cooked the curry maggi mee for me made me even happier! I boiled some potatoes in return. And we had a very yummy lunch of curry maggi mee with potatoes!