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January 20, 2010

Finally, just what I had hoped for! A release letter from Petronas! It feels like I have been given a new lease of life, a chance to carve out my own future, without worrying about a 10-year bond and the repayment if I want to get out of the bond. I value my freedom a lot, that is why getting a release is such a relief for me. =)

With this new-found “freedom”, I hope to make the best out of it; I hope to make the right decisions along the way and achieve my dreams, big and small, one at a time!


Home Is Where The FUN Is

September 26, 2009

People say home is where the heart is, but I do wanna say that home is where the fun is. I just want to post some pics here and let them do all the talking! I miss my family – they love, they care, they make me smile, they make me laugh, they camwhore with me, they bring me to places, they sing, they dance and they EAT!




BBQ Party!


As San Wei put it, Michelin mascot of the family


We are swimmers!


We’ve got a reward system in our family with Er Yi as Chairman.


She is the sister I never had.


They are the sisters I never had.


We kiss, babeh!


Keep up the good work!


Models wannabe!


Model dun wannabe!


They are always there.

And Many Many Many More!

I miss the smell of Grandma-cooked food, I miss Sunday gatherings in N-Park, I miss shopping together with cousins, I miss teasing my younger brothers, I miss fighting with them as well, I miss playing with my baby nephews, I miss playing with my little cousins, I miss just having dinner with everyone around, I miss our family hiking trips, I miss shopping after hiking, etc etc etc. Hahaha. Well, life brings adventures, sometimes close to the ones you love, sometimes far away from the ones you love. But one thing’s for sure, their love will always bring you back to where they are. So, what more can I say, I will be back! =D

End of Holidays

June 30, 2009

Coming back from Tioman, I had to attend an interview in KL with iCIMB. It was a hectic rush for us. I didnt have all my documents but I was really lucky that a friend was traveling down to KL a day before my interview. Thank you Sun Ly for helping me bring all my documents, formal wear and even a pair of shoes. Haha. Thanks Chea Yi for answering my call when you were asleep. =)

My interview was scheduled at 11.30am and I arrived at Plaza Pantai at 11.10am. I was given an “IQ” test before the interview, comprising of 15 questions, to be finished in 15mins. After finishing that test, we were then escorted up to Level 20 where we would be interviewed by the CEO himself, Dominique.

When it was my turn, I was greeted by Dominique and Shereen in the interview room. The interview was very casual and jokes were exchanged between us. At the end of it, they asked me if I have any questions. So I asked the ultimate question, “I wonder why you would want to interview engineers.”, to which he answered, “Banking systems are getting more and more like manufacturing systems where lean operations concepts are adopted, systems need to be more cost effective and automations are needed to achieve more efficiency.” Hmm, sounds like what we typical engineers always do; reducing costs, automating processes and creating a set of steps which are generic and can be reused in different applications. That is why they need engineers in the banking industry, to design efficient systems, from what I gather. I was pleasantly surprised by his explanation and I quote, “Engineering graduates are very sought after in the banking industry, if you know where to look.”

After a “nice chat” which was actually an interview, I proceeded to the lift and while waiting, an admin lady came running and asked me to go back. So I went back and Dominique asked me to wait outside. Then, the HR ladies came and asked me to go for a medical check up. Then I realised that they wanted to offer me the job and had to see the results of my medical check up before extending their offer. I made my journey to Chong Dispensary, did my check-up, made my way back to Plaza Pantai and got the offer letter. By the time the offer letter was in my hands, it was already 4.15pm. What an unexpected hectic day for me. Phew! Finally, I took the train to Mid Valley, met up with Mr Choe, ate quickly and we drove back to Ipoh.

To my engineer friends, you may try out for an experience in the banking industry if you are interested. You are much welcome in this industry, if what Dominique say is true. =) For now, I am savouring my last days of holidays, while preparing for the next hopefully-exciting experience.

Pot oh Pot

November 27, 2008

Pot oh Pot, I am so sorry to have abandoned you for such a long time. No, you’re not dying. Not now.

Stay with me, please. Somebody help! Anyone with CPR skills? Magic Porridge Pot, you’ve gotta stay with me now..

An Angel breathes some air into Magic Porridge Pot. Tah dah! My dear Magic Porridge Pot is revived!

Haha. Enough of nonsense. The truth is, I am back at home, with proper Internet connection, yeah! Will update this good ol’ blog of mine! Thanks for staying with me! =)

Not So Deprived After All

September 9, 2008

This is a story of how a Mak Cik Indon saved my day and made me feel less miserable. I was complaining a lot recently, mainly about how deprived I am in UTP; deprived of food, deprived of Internet connection, deprived of fun. I thought that I was living less of my life when I’m back here. I thought that life in UTP is so depressing.

Then, on the way to class on Friday afternoon with Diane, we saw a Mak Cik, hanging from the roof of the shaded path to Pocket D, with her legs trying to juggle and balance a ladder. We couldn’t understand what we were seeing till she shouted “Tolong! Tolong!”. Only then we knew that she was in danger; her ladder was falling out of position and she was hanging on to her life. Only then we knew we had to help her put her ladder back into position and help her down from the roof. So we rushed there and supported the ladder and helped her come down from the roof. She was in shock. She was actually painting the roof of the shade when the ladder went out of balance and there she was, hanging on to the roof with both her hands. If she slip, she would have fallen into the drain and suffered serious injuries. She was not wearing any helmet or any safety gear.

The Mak Cik was deprived of her own safety, working in that condition. She said she requested to be given another task as she was short and it was dangerous for her to paint the roof. Her supervisor rejected her request. If a taller man was doing the painting, he could have just jumped down easily if his ladder fell out of position. A jump like that is too high for that Mak Cik.

I am certainly deprived of the luxuries I should have, being stuck here in UTP. As bad as it seems, I am fortunate enough not to be deprived of my own safety. This struck me and I began to see how good my life is, has been and hopefully, will be. We often forget how lucky we are to be what we are, where we are and how we are. Seeing the Mak Cik hanging on to her life, I realised, life is not so bad after all. I went back home last weekend to get over my emo-ness and I am back to normal now. I don’t know when I will have these sad thoughts again but I will try to remember the Mak Cik then. =)

Time Will Tell

July 31, 2008

How do you answer if someone asks you, “Is he/she the one for you?”

Maybe I’ve been getting a lot of this lately and I’ve been doing some thinking. Hehe. Well, people who care go through lengths to determine whether the guys/girls in front of them are the one for them. Some would set requirements in their “checklist”, some pray for signs, while others would ask people closest to them, friends and family alike. So how do we exactly know? We all fall in love, sometimes with the wrong people, sometimes with the right people. And, the right people will remain right until we find something wrong with them. That’s when we will all say, “why didn’t I see that coming? I should have!”.

So I guess, the one for you is not only determined by what he/she has got inside, – character, thinking and midset, interests, hobbies and passions – , but also how much of yourself you can be in front of that person, how much he/she inspires you to be all that you can be, how much of things both of you can go through together and still remain very much in love. We all grow up, and as we grow, our priorities and thinking may be different from the time we met our boyfriends/girlfriends. The one for you should also be able to accept these changes throughout the phases of your life. Sometimes, we may be unfortunate to find gaps between us and our second halfs as we develop and that’s when we need to decide whether those differences are acceptable or not. Those are crucial times, I should say. Hehe.

Screening the guy/girl in front of you is just preliminary, it doesn’t decide the one for you but it does improve the chances of you meeting THE ONE. Hehe. Beyond that, we all need that person who can be with us though everything, who is able to grow up with us, through all the different stages of our lives.

Back to the question, I think the best answer is, “Time will tell. Hopefully, he/she is.” =)

Sleeping keeps me happy!

July 18, 2008

I just woke up and I’m happy! Sleeping keeps me happy! But it also has something to do with the dreams that came to me. =)

I dreamt that I was on vacation! In some place like India; the place was just full of Indians. And I was running around, enjoying the breeze! People were merry and happy! And I felt love! And someone actually asked me to swim with him! Wahaha. And I decided to blog about it, just to take advantage of the nice Internet connection before I go back to UTP. Haha.

The reason I actually went to sleep was to escape from doing my final internship report. I was sulky for being careless. I just realised, the latest soft copy of my report is in my computer in Intel. I couldn’t find it in my lappie or in my thumbie. I guess I must have forgotten to save it. =( Now, I have to retype missing pages in the copy I have. Luckily, my manager returned me the hard copy of my draft, along with some corrections and remarks. So kind of him to do so. Hehe. And now, I can do my report more happily, after a nice nice sleep. Hihi.

Anyway, I have read about the goodness of sleep in a few articles in Reader’s Digest. In short, sleeping makes you happy, maintains your slim figure and keeps you smart. Sleeping helps your brain consolidate data, so you can remember things more orderly and think more clearly and make better decisions, and reduces your stress level which keeps you slim and happy. Stress hormone makes you want to eat more and sad. So, get some sleep today! And be happy!

Something’s Wrong

June 4, 2008

Something’s wrong or maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really see the point in lining up for a few hours just to get the petrol tank filled up and save a couple of ringgit. I mean, how much money can you save? The moment you rev your engines tomorrow, it’s gone. Let’s take the worst case, RM50. There are a lot of ways to compensate that 50 bucks instead of wasting 2-3 hours waiting for your turn to fill your tank. Maybe you should start reducing your air-conditioner and heater usage (electricity bill, get it?), maybe you should start pampering your taste buds less (cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, ring a bell?), maybe you should stop buying unnecessary stuffs (that extra pair of shoes, oops, sounds like me, =p) or maybe you just start to be more thrifty and watch where you spend your money. As a student, maybe I should really be in the queue now, but then I calculated, I will save RM10, the most. RM10 for 3hours just sitting in the car, no way for me. I always believe, money comes and goes by the way you handle it, and I, for one, won’t waste my time just to fill my petrol tank.

It’s now 11pm, I have showered, after my yoga lesson, feeling healthy and contented with my efforts to stay healthy and live life to the fullest, and my housemates aren’t back from the fill-up-your-car-by-12am-tonight madness. Maybe I should stop blogging now, because if they read, they may get offended by this post. Haha. Yet, RM50 may mean a lot to people. But then again, I can’t help but to remind people that there are so many ways you can compensate that RM50! Just spend your money wisely.

Penang folks are braving the storm and massive traffic jam to get to Shell, Mobil, Petronas or Caltex. It’s kinda sick.

The rain and thunder and lightning and all the petrol madness, they are making me feel that something wrong is going to happen. It feels like a bad omen. Maybe I’m just being moody. Maybe something’s really wrong with the world, people being so attached to money they forget more important aspects of life, like, time.

p/s: There are lots of “maybe”s in this post, maybe you should start counting them.

Fun and Perks on a Monotonous Day

May 29, 2008

My day today began with errors from a test and I practically spent the whole day at work getting lost in a maze of wires, signals, muxes and flops. Erm, in simple English, it means I had to trace the circuitry to find out what was wrong with my model. Well, the first half of the day, I was really engrossed in my work and then I got really tired. Okay, this post is not going to be wasted on the sucky parts of my day.

Let’s see, I had Nasi Babi for lunch! The char siew, siew yuk and the lap cheong are sooooo nice! Actually it’s not Nasi Babi, it’s supposed to be Nasi Ayam but the ayam there is not as nice as all the pork dishes so we just ordered pork. Haha. This Chicken Rice shop is in town, under an old, dingy hotel called Sky Hotel where the only requirement for a room is that you “Do Not Spit”.

After lunch, I was really drowsy, can pengsan there and then if I have a bed. Haha. Debbie felt the same way too so we decided to head to the cafe to get some drinks and play Hangman. Hehe. Intel already started to offer free drinks so it’s really cool, whenever you need a drink, you can just head to the cafe for free drinks. Hangman was fun, the theme today was “Brands”. She came up with Sakai for me, and I survived with a mere guess. She said Sakai is a company that manufactures tractors. Really meh? Haha. And she lost it when I gave her BMW. Haha. No vowels, making it very difficult. After a few rounds, I took the paper and started writing this “The sun is high ” and we created a longgggg sentence.

My words are in red while Debbie’s words are in blue. Here goes..

The sun is high because it is noon and it is very hot like in a sauna, so hot that I feel sleepy like as if I’m counting sheeps in a field in New Zealand where the air is so cool even with the sun high up and the weather hot like hot chocolate cap Cadbury which is the yummiest chocolate ever made its way to Malaysia, land of various cultures including mat rempit culture who are crazy bikers with not-so-sexy chicks and also sucky Prime Minister who loves to sleep and talk about meaningless issues with his ever-monotonous voice to his also-sucky government which debates in Parliament like they are school children or in more direct words, like monkeys in the jungles of Sarawak, land of hornbills and jungles where orang utans live in peace and harmony and where people live on trees and hammocks which are built so high up that you can only see them if you’re on a canopy walkway which is a damn scary hanging bridge.

And Debbie ended it there. And I don’t know why every time Pak Lah comes up in our conversation, someone will always mention his favourite pastime, sleeping. See, I’m doing it again. Haha. I think I’m just full of crap. Haha.

When I went back to my cubicle, I got a message from Zhi Ling, a.k.a. Mr Magoo. We call her Mr Magoo because she’s very funny and a bit cartoonish and somehow, she reminds us of Mr Magoo. Haha. She said “I’ve finished drawing your pot!”. This is the best gift of the day! Love this picture you drew! Love you, Mr Magoo! Hahaha. Thanks for taking 2 hours of your holidays to satisfy my whims and fancies! Hahaha.

So cute!

Looking at the picture, I commented, the girl looks crazy and all over the place like me. She said, “She’s supposed to be you!”. Haha. Ya, I’m crazy. People around remind me enough that I am crazy. Even the mere mention of me going back this weekend to help Grandma make dumplings is able to put her in stitches and “laugh till wanna die”. She can “imagine my funny face making the dumplings”. Laugh on. I made your day, I know. =p

Here In My Home

May 20, 2008

Here’s a tribute to Malaysian artists who worked on a song called “Here In My Home”.

I am loving this song at the moment! Thanks to a post on Wei Zhu’s blog, I finally got to know the title of this song though I have heard it a few times on the radio. With that “knowledge”, I’m watching the video now on Youtube. I have been watching it over and over again. Haha! Right now I’m waging a war against Debbie, with me singing “Here In My Home” and she, “Gimme More” by Britney Spears. Lame song! =p 

My favourite phrase:

Colours don’t bind, oh no, What do they know? They speak falsely.

How true, who says we can’t live together, despite our differences. Let us just accept the diversity and be proud of it! Agree? =D

Go check this song out! Spread the love to every Malaysian, far or near, those still living here and those who are overseas! We are Malaysians, and Malaysia is our home. =)


Update: Download the original song and video from here – Enjoy!