November 19, 2012

Dear all readers of Magic Porridge Pot, I have moved.

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I hope you will continue to enjoy the cookings of Magic Porridge Pot. ūüėČ

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January 20, 2010

Finally, just what I had hoped for! A release letter from Petronas! It feels like I have been given a new lease of life, a chance to carve out my own future, without worrying about a 10-year bond and the repayment if I want to get out of the bond. I value my freedom a lot, that is why getting a release is such a relief for me. =)

With this new-found “freedom”, I hope to make the best out of it; I hope to make the right decisions along the way and achieve my dreams, big and small,¬†one at a time!

Home Is Where The FUN Is

September 26, 2009

People say home is where the heart is, but I do wanna say that home is where the fun is. I just want to post some pics here and let them do all the talking! I miss my family Рthey love, they care, they make me smile, they make me laugh, they camwhore with me, they bring me to places, they sing, they dance and they EAT!




BBQ Party!


As San Wei put it, Michelin mascot of the family


We are swimmers!


We’ve got a reward system in our family with Er Yi as Chairman.


She is the sister I never had.


They are the sisters I never had.


We kiss, babeh!


Keep up the good work!


Models wannabe!


Model dun wannabe!


They are always there.

And Many Many Many More!

I miss the smell of Grandma-cooked food, I miss Sunday gatherings in N-Park, I miss shopping together with cousins, I miss teasing my younger brothers, I miss fighting with them as well, I miss playing with my baby nephews, I miss playing with my little cousins, I miss just having dinner with everyone around, I miss our family hiking trips, I miss shopping after hiking, etc etc etc. Hahaha. Well, life brings adventures, sometimes close to the ones you love, sometimes far away from the ones you love. But one thing’s for sure, their love will always bring you back to where they are. So, what more can I say, I will be back! =D

End of Holidays

June 30, 2009

Coming back from Tioman, I had to attend an interview in KL with iCIMB. It was a hectic rush for us. I didnt have all my documents but I was really lucky that a friend was traveling down to KL a day before my interview. Thank you Sun Ly for helping me bring all my documents, formal wear and even a pair of shoes. Haha. Thanks Chea Yi for answering my call when you were asleep. =)

My interview was scheduled at 11.30am and I arrived at Plaza Pantai at 11.10am. I was given an “IQ” test before the interview, comprising of 15 questions, to be finished in 15mins. After finishing that test, we were then escorted up to Level 20 where we would be interviewed by the CEO himself, Dominique.

When it was my turn, I was greeted by Dominique and Shereen in the interview room. The interview was very casual and jokes were exchanged between us. At the end of it, they asked me if I have any questions. So I asked the ultimate question, “I wonder why you would want to interview engineers.”, to which he answered, “Banking systems are getting more and more like manufacturing systems where lean operations concepts are adopted, systems need to be more cost effective and automations are needed to achieve more efficiency.” Hmm, sounds like what we typical engineers always do; reducing costs, automating processes and creating a set of steps which are generic and can be reused in different applications. That¬†is why they need engineers in the banking industry, to design efficient systems, from what I gather. I was pleasantly surprised by his explanation and I quote, “Engineering graduates are very sought after in the banking industry, if you know where to look.”

After a “nice chat” which was actually an interview, I proceeded to the lift and while waiting, an admin lady came running and asked me to go back. So I went back and Dominique asked me to wait outside. Then, the HR ladies came and asked me to go for a medical check up. Then I realised that they wanted to offer me the job and had to see the results of my medical check up before extending their offer. I made my journey to Chong Dispensary, did my check-up, made my way back to Plaza Pantai and got the offer letter. By the time the offer letter was in my hands, it was already 4.15pm. What an unexpected hectic day for me. Phew! Finally, I took the train to Mid Valley, met up with Mr Choe, ate quickly and we drove back to Ipoh.

To my engineer friends, you may try out for an experience in the banking industry if you are interested. You are much welcome in this industry, if what Dominique say is true. =) For now, I am savouring my last days of holidays, while preparing for the next hopefully-exciting experience.

Tioman Island

June 27, 2009

Thanks to swine flu, overseas travel and flight-taking were banned in my family. Haha. Luckily, I still have Tioman Island as a holiday destination for me this semester break. Oh and ya, I have graduated, from the beloved Universiti Teknologi Petronas, now waiting for my convocation in August.

This Tioman trip is a really hectic one, no thanks to Mersing (the jetty where ferries will take you to Tioman) being so far away from Ipoh,  receiving a call to go for an interview and subsequently getting the job. More about the interview later. Anyway, this is account of my journey to and from Tioman. Hehe. I have to give credit to the driver who drove all the way from Ipoh to Mersing to KL and back to Ipoh. Hehe. He is none other than Mr Choe! *Clap* *Clap*

18/6:¬†Mr Choe and I drove from Ipoh to Johor Bahru. He was the one driving, of course,¬†and I was happily feeding him with Halls, Double Deckers and MiMi. Still remember MiMi? Haha. A snack so popular when we were young, only 20cents for 1 packet. Hahah.We met up with Mr Choe’s friends and put up a night in a hotel in JB.

19/6: Due to low tide, the ferries to Tioman couldn’t operate till evening so we lepak-ed at JB, til it was around 2pm. Then we started our journey to Mersing. We had two travel companions in the car that day, Amnard and Sin Yin. Hehe. Along the way,¬†I think the tour leader received a call to ask us to go to Tanjung Gemok for the ferry. So we said bye-bye to Mersing when we passed it and headed to Tanjung Gemok. When we arrived at this fat tanjung, the person told us to go back to Mersing. It was like being duped! And it was like in the Amazing Race too. “The participants will now make their way to Mersing, the first 5 contestants to reach Mersing will make their way to the next round.” We reached Mersing at 5.30 and quickly got up the ferry to Tioman. The ferry ride to Tioman took around 2 hrs and we reached around 8pm. Those who are seasick, pls be aware of this; 2 hrs of torture ride.


We had no one to blame, so we blamed the organiser. Haha.

20/6: I forgot to mention we stayed at Babura Resort at Tekek. The condition is okay-lahh, but the food could have been better. Hehe. Anyway, 2nd day at Tioman, it’s time for island hopping. We first visited an unknown island (I didnt catch the name), then to Salang where we had our lunch, next to the Marine Park of Tioman and finally to a small island called Renggis. For avid snorkellers, there’s not much you can see in the first three locations I mentioned. All you can see are just some common fishes you see in all islands. The Marine Park was disappointing as well; no corals spotted, only fishes swimming here and there looking for crumbs of bread. I was kinda bored looking at the same fishes¬†throughout the trip to these three locations. I remember there was a lot to look at, at Redang Marine Park. Then, finally, we arrived at this small Renggis island. I wasnt expecting much but to my surprise, there was a lot of corals still alive in this island. I can see that the fishes here are happier fishes too. Hahaha. I dont know about other coral islands in Tioman, so I would just recommend this Renggis island for coral sightings. Hehe. Then we went back to Tekek. It was still quite early in the afternoon, surprisingly, so we rented bicycles and had land adventures instead. At night, we had BBQ dinner. The ingredients and marinating were prepared by the Resort and we had to barbeque our own dinner. =)


Like budak kampung.. =)


In a duty-free shop at Tekek.


Mr Choe’s BBQ seafood platter. Yum!

21/6: Again, it was low tide in Tioman and we can only board the ferry late evening. The resort person then arranged for us to visit another side of Tioman called Juara. We visited a turtle hatchery at Juara Turtle Project and met some Mat Salleh volunteers. This project is a private and voluntary project, where they use collected funds to buy turtle¬†eggs from poachers. An egg will cost them about RM2.50. The poachers just wouldnt stop poaching, although being aware of the turtle hatchery and the efforts to save the turtles. It was their means of earning more money. The¬†authorities wouldnt do anything about this and the volunteers couldnt do anything about it except for buying back the eggs from these poachers. All donations by tourists will go to buying these turtle eggs, hatching them and¬†releasing them as well as running the center. Most of the volunteers in this center were Mat Salleh and I was really humbled by their noble and kind act in saving turtles in our land, Malaysia. I didnt see any Malaysian volunteer except for the Tioman locals. Volunteers come from Holland, Australia, France and we have never even heard of Juara Turtle Project. We feel so ashamed realising that fact. So what we did was to donate a lot of money. =S Next we visited a waterfall with murky waters. Haha. After lunch, we took an afternoon nap and proceeded to the jetty to wait for our ferry. The ferry didnt arrive till 8pm and we reached Mersing at 10pm. Mr Choe had to drive all the way back to KL and we reached KL at 2.30am. What a tiring journey and that’s the end of our Tioman Island trip.


Mr Choe is sulking for waiting too long at the jetty. Haha.

Tioman Island could have been better if not for irregular ferry services. Hehe. Maybe we were just unfortunate to meet with low tide situation. Anyway, we had fun, and lots of them, thanks to Mr Choe’s crazy friends. =)

Candid Shots at Jurong Bird Park

March 23, 2009

I was browsing through my photo collections to see how my hair looked like a few months and I stumbled upon some pictures of these beautiful feathered creatures at Singapore’s very own Jurong Bird Park.

Enjoy the pictures!


A peacock, obviously.


A peacock, poised and elegant.


Hey mandarin duck, where is your other half?


An ostrich, smiling for the camera.


A lory, looking lonely.

That same day, we visited the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. The entire day was really awesome. The parks were well managed, the animal shows were very entertaining, the park rangers were all very professional, both in handling the crowd as well as conducting the shows. Malaysia should really learn from our neighbour in this aspect.

My Little Mousey

January 7, 2009

Introducing…. THE Micro Mouse!

Nickname: Mousey

Age: 3 months ++

Parents: Diane Teng Sim Lean and Lee San Nien.


Top view


Side view

Hahaha. Does this micro mouse look micro and look like a mouse to you? Hahaha.

We spent a great deal of time giving birth life to this mouse. Haha. It is in fact a line-tracking robot which can only track lines in the presence of sunshine. Haha. The thing is, we did not include front lights (in the form of bright LEDs) to enable to see the lines more clearly. So to those who are planning to build a line-tracking robot like this, please learn from our mistake. =)

Anyway, we are proud of our little mousey though it’s a little blind sometimes. Haha. Hooray Diane! We made it!

The Incredible Journey to the South

November 30, 2008

My Incredible Journey to KL will start anytime soon. Why incredible? It’s because I’ll be the one driving! With my grandparents as passengers. Haha. I can hear my Grandma saying, “slow slow..” or “oi, dont talk while you’re driving, concentrate!” Oh, the stress of having someone judge your driving. Haha. I am still lucky to have them accompany me on a long ride to KL though. Hehe.

I am going to meet up with an ENT specialist in Sungai Buloh Hospital for consultation on my research project. Hopefully, everything works fine and Image Processing Cluster of UTP is able to start a research collaboration with the Hospital. =) I am the first from UTP to meet up with this ENT specialist. Oh, the stress of having such responsibility rested on your shoulders. I really hope I’m able to explain myself and the rest of the team¬†so that¬†a long-term collaboration between UTP and the Hospital can be put in place.

Next, I am attending the International Petroleum Technology Conference. Students can attend the conference for free. There will be many industry experts attending this conference and I hope I can gain a good insight into the petroleum industry which I am quite clueless about. The conference will be held for 3 days. And it’s during working hours, obviously.¬†Oh, the stress of having to squeeze myself into the trains to take me to KLCC from Kelana Jaya.

Despite all the “stress”, I am excited for this Incredible Journey of mine! =) Gotta go!

Pot oh Pot

November 27, 2008

Pot oh Pot, I am so sorry to have abandoned you for such a long time. No, you’re not dying. Not now.

Stay with me, please. Somebody help! Anyone with CPR skills? Magic Porridge Pot, you’ve gotta stay with me now..

An Angel breathes some air into Magic Porridge Pot. Tah dah! My dear Magic Porridge Pot is revived!

Haha. Enough of nonsense. The truth is, I am back at home, with proper Internet connection, yeah! Will update this good ol’ blog of mine! Thanks for staying with me! =)

Coral Reefs Should Be Alive and Kicking

September 15, 2008

I stumbled upon this website called Reef Check Malaysia while surfing the net for Crocs shoes today. The Reef Check¬†Foundation is actually an organisation that surveys reefs and collects data to assess reefs health. In fact, it is¬†the world’s largest international coral reef monitoring organisation. Besides monitoring reefs, Reef Check also wants to create public awareness that although we humans are damaging reefs through some of our¬†activities such as fishing and tourism, we are also the ones who are capable of nursing them back to health. It is really up to us.

According to the website, 34% of the world’s coral reefs are in Southeast Asia and we should also be proud that 350 coral species inhabit Malaysian waters. Coral reefs are actually tiny spineless animals and generally made up of “hard corals” and “soft corals”. (I didn’t know that,¬†hehe.) Hard corals look like hard rocks as they secrete limestone that act as their skeleton. On the other hand, soft corals resemble trees or plants. These descriptions remind me of my own experience with coral reefs when I visited Lang Tengah and Redang. It’s another huge huge world down there with oh-so-beautiful coral reefs and fishes.¬†The trip to Lang Tengah¬†was really really memorable as we snorkelled all three days to our hearts’ content. We explored the waters¬†like the ocean was ours. Haha.¬†My cousin had an underwater camera then and he took beautiful pictures of the underwater world. I thought I’d share some of them here. =)

This should be the hard coral they are talking about. The yellow and blue little corals perched on top of the big coral are called “christmas trees”. They come in many colours; red, green, yellow, blue, purple. =)

¬†I’m guessing these are soft corals because they look like trees. See the anemones and clown fishes between the corals?

A bigger picture of sea anemones and clown fishes. I was really lucky to get to touch one of the clown fishes when I tried scuba diving. It was just for a very short moment when that clown fish actually thought my fingers¬†were sea anemones.¬†I felt the clown fish; it was rubbery, not slippery as we would have thought. It’s definitely unforgettable.¬†

Coral reefs are very important in the marine ecosystem. Besides that, coral reefs bring income to us too, through eco-tourism. As for me, I have¬†always been fascinated with these underwater beauties, whether¬†they are still (as in coral reefs or lazy fishes)¬†or¬†moving (as in swimming, as in fishes, turtles, etc). I have always loved snorkelling and hope that I will have a diving license one day. I would definitely want to see coral reefs¬†very much alive¬†and kicking whenever I visit the islands. What about you? So let’s just all play our small little roles in preserving the underwater world. =)

p/s: Fai Kor, jom. Haha.